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Field Biologist – Amigos de las Aves, Costa Rica 2008

Gennaio 11th, 2008

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Amigos de las Aves is a non profit organization formed in 1992 by Richard and Margot Frisius forming a re-introduction program in Costa Rica with the Scarlet Macaw ( Ara macao) and the Great Green Macaw (Ara ambigua). Our program has grown over the years to be a highly successful project with possibly the largest collection of Great Green Macaws in the world.

We have two release sites in Costa Rica at the present time. We have a comprehensive data collection study including nesting, behavioral aspects, feeding regimes and integration. We are always interested in enhancing the study as our program grows, but we do not wish our birds electronically tagged.

We are seeking a ‘field biologist’ to join our team. To work at all our release sites, based primarily at one, supervising all the sites and building any new sites.
You may be required to work on your own at times and you will supervise students/volunteers/interns/biologists and provide them with guidance according to their tutorial requirements. You will be required to provide up to date data input and reports, as well as articles for publication and scientific papers for submission. Attend visits and presentations to congress,

You will need to build up good relations at the release sites with the owners and the local community – especially as the locals tend to be very proud of their birds and provide vital information upon the birds whereabouts. Education within the community is also important. Security is paramount.

You will need to have some basic understanding of the Spanish language. You will also need to apply for the correct permits to study which can be done within the country.

As we are a small but enthusiastic team, you will be expected to mix in well with all personnel, volunteers, government officials, site owners and the community. You will need to motivated, sensible, down to earth, trustworthy, loyal and enthusiastic and have a high level of integrity.

MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!! We are looking for someone who is passionate about birds, preferably had some sort of ‘hands on’ experience and knows how birds think! And are totally committed to conservation primarily and have at least an undergraduate degree in a related subject.

You will live on site and accommodation is provided. There is liveable (for Costa Rica) wage of $300 per month.

Weather may be unpredictable and can vary from very hot to very wet! and bugs and beasts abound.

The position is available from April.

This is a unique opportunity to experience a unique program and to enjoy these magnificent birds and beautiful country.

Please apply sending a current cv with two references to Marti Everett, Curator, Amigos de las Aves at

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